LCCC have spent over a year engaging carers’ centres in London to develop an approach that supports the sustainability of local centres and enables gaps in provision to be filled and addressed. This plan is the culmination of a substantial amount of development work and is an innovative approach to addressing the changing funding and service provision profile in London.

In the process of developing our plans, we have identified three strategic strands for our future progress.

  1. The use of the combined expertise of members to support and influence good practice development in health and social care settings for the benefit of carers and their families.
  2. The development of support services for carers using our combined strengths as a consortium to produce greater impact across a wider area including some areas which are currently under-resourced.
  3. The development of more entrepreneurial opportunities for consortium members to generate income which may not be directly related to the core purposes of individual centres but could provide a more diverse income base to assist in the sustainability and enterprise of member centres. The aims of this approach are to improve sustainability and to provide a platform to develop more innovative solutions in response to the needs of carers.

We recognise that this approach is the first of its kind in the country and have received considerable interest from other regions in the learning from our developments. Therefore we propose to work alongside the Carers Trust throughout our development to ensure that we can share learning and good practice so that this model may be replicated in other regions.

Our forward strategy encompasses the following values: –

  • Our 20 members have expertise, capacity, capability and the social capital to expand their provision to other areas and to offer expert advice and support to other organisations.
  • There are distinct gaps identified in the provision for carers in London through our needs assessment that can be best met through taking a regional approach. Our focus will be very much on addressing unmet need.
  • The increasingly competitive market for contracts to support carers disadvantages many smaller providers and this can be addressed by using LCCC as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to secure contracts that can then utilise the capacity and skills of our members.
  • LCCC will be entrepreneurial in it’s approach to generate income that can extend the reach of support for carers and increase the sustainability of borough based centres.
  •  LCCC can offer efficiency savings in the provision of publicly funded services for carers by making best use of capacity of local centres when delivering services at a regional level, keeping overheads low.
  • Sustainability of services for carers is at the heart of all we do.
  • By taking a regional approach LCCC aims to tackle the inequality in access to service provision for carers, especially with a changing demographic profile in London.
  • Increasing awareness of carers’ issues and the access to information and support through LCCC will increase the social inclusion of carers in broader society.
  • To keep overheads low LCCC will invest and purchase services and capacity from our 20 members where appropriate.
  • The values above underpin our work and have helped LCCC develop a set of strategic priorities for the next 3 years.