Homeshare matches older people who need help and support around the home to keep their independence, with younger people looking for affordable housing in London.

The ‘Householder’ is an older or disabled person (or couple) who wants some help or support around the house, or just the security of having someone there at night, and has a spare bedroom. The ‘Homesharer’ is a younger person who is willing to provide help and support to an older person in return for having somewhere affordable to live.

The Homesharer agrees to provide support for 10 hours per week – this can include cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping or just spending time with the Householder. Risk assessments are carried out on the home and potential Homesharers have interviews, DBS checks and reference checks to ensure they are suitable to live with an older person.

Many referrals come through the families and carers of older people, who appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that their family members are not alone. The Homeshare scheme does not provide ‘care’- the families often source care services to run alongside the support of Homesharers. The scheme currently operates across London, but with the most matches in north and west London.

You can download  a Homeshare brochure here.

You can find out more about Homeshare here.